Jake Bugg
Taste It EP

Released: 13th July 2012
Label: Mercury Records

‘Taste It’ is the new EP from Jake Bugg, a young singer/songwriter from Nottingham. If you heard either of Jakes previous two singles ‘Trouble Town’ and ‘Lightning Bolt’ you will no doubt have started telling anyone who cared to listen, and even those who refused to listen, about this new artist.

‘Taste It’ is a collection of four tracks that take influence from Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, The Beatles and The La’s. Listening to the EP you really have to pinch yourself to believe that Jake Bugg is only 18 years old. These are songs that sound as though they have been recorded by an artist who has decades of experience. Highlights on the EP are quite simply every track on there. You will listen to it from start to finish then go back to the start and do the same over and over again.

In short, Jake Bugg is exactly what the music world needs right now, a young man not afraid to step forward and allow his music to do the talking. Forget reality shows and all that nonsense, raw British talent is out there and will always shine through.

Steve Tay

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