Released: 27th January 2017
Label: Kidsmoke

‘Waves’ is the latest single from Wrexham’s finest, Kidsmoke, a band who have been kicking around for a few years patiently waiting for the world to stop and take notice. If this latest single is anything to go by then that patience and hard work are about to pay off, from start to finish ‘Waves’ is all too perfect.

Opening with dreamy melodies and vocals, the song proceeds with rhythms that ensure a tight grip is held on your attention for the duration of the song. As for the chorus, the word anthemic instantly springs to mind, ‘Waves’ is an instant classic and it would take a very strong argument to disagree with that.

Please do not let Kidsmoke go unnoticed. As with all the songs they have written and the journey they have been on until now, everything has been pointing in the direction of Kidsmoke becoming a band that sell out arenas and stadiums across the land. If you have yet to join the ride make sure you jump on now, buckle up tight and have the time of your life.

Steve Tay

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