Little Vegas Lies
Morning Light EP

Released: 4th June 2012
Label: Little Vegas Lies

Last year we had the great pleasure of interviewing Little Vegas Lies and reviewing their Domino EP. We became convinced then that this is a band who live and breath the music that they create and posses the raw talent to lead this country into a revival in guitar music.

The band are now set to release an EP of acoustic tracks that were recorded back in the early days on a ‘choose your own price’ basis.

‘Morning Light’ opens the EP with a dark mournful sound that instantly commands your attention. ‘Broken Wood’ contains a more uplifting melody with passionate, affirming vocals throughout. ‘It’s Breaking My Heart’ is yet another perfectly structured track, with lyrics of thoughtful reflection “why aren’t you here with me? I’ve taken on board what you said”. ‘We All Cry Sometimes’ has a dreamy feel to it that encourages the listener to drift away along its hypnotic melody. ‘Unassailable’ ends the EP with a classic early Oasis B-side feel to it.

Once again Little Vegas Lies have given us a collection of songs that leave us pondering how this band have not got a record deal. These are songs that the world is crying out for right now.

Steve Tay

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