Mike Tyler
Money Grows On Your Knees

Released: 16th April 2013
Label: The Art Cannot Be Damaged

‘Money Grows On Your Knees’ is the latest single from Mike Tyler, a New York poet / musician who released a fantastic debut album last year entitled ‘Erection'. When this single arrived for review the first thing that grabbed my attention was the packaging. In this predominantly digital age I find it so exciting when a piece of music arrives that has been packaged together with a great deal of love and care. This single contains a 7” green vinyl, a cd and is completed by a jigsaw for the artwork which will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Once you have finished admiring the packaging of this single, it is time to move on to the music itself. After listening to this single on numerous occasions I can assure you the music does not let the packaging down.

‘Money Grows On Your Knees’ is a very cool sounding song that could only have been recorded in New York. The spoken word vocal delivery has a very Lou Reed quality to it and a seductive feel that will have you hanging on to every word that Mike delivers. The music behind the vocals is the perfect accompaniment, the bass, synth and keys will be sure to hypnotise you.

B-Side ‘Corny Song’ does not let the the title down. This song is one big, fat slice of corny pop, that makes me think back to Ryan Adams’ tongue in cheek ‘Rock N Roll’ album. Although this song is corny, you really will have no choice but to love it. From the opening ‘Na Na Na’ you will instantly become hooked, the song bounces along in such an upbeat way that it will have you singing along in an instant.

Mike Tyler has given us a single to treasure whilst proving that there are still artists out there who care about the good old fashioned single.

Steve Tay

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