The Riot Tapes

Released: 23rd March 2012
Label: Mostar Records

From the opening five seconds Photograph is an instant indie classic. A pulsating Supersonic/Pounding drumbeat gives way to a screech of guitar that instantly grabs your attention. By the time Elaine’s vocals hit, you’re already hooked.

Comparisons can be made with Minuteman, Electric Soft Parade and Haven. Production wise there’s nothing new here but there doesn’t need to be, the musicianship is excellent and the melodies anthemic. This all adds to create a really polished track . As far as debut singles go Photograph is extremely strong.

The Riot Tapes have a sound that will appeal to both the indie crowd and secure mainstream radio airplay. The next twelve months are going to be very exciting for this band.

The Riot Tapes are from Dublin, formed in 2009 and are made up of Chris O’Brien, Elaine Doyl, Tim Clarke, Robert Crosbie, Graham Dunne and Charles Byrne. Signed to Mostar Records their debut single Photograph was released on the 23rd March 2011.

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