Roxanne De Bastion
Red & White Blood Cells

Released: 12th October 2012
Label: Nomad Songs

‘Red And White Blood Cells’ is the new single from Roxanne De Bastion. As soon as you press play you will instantly be sucked into the song, with the infectious electric guitar strumming away in the background allowing the lyrics to fly beautifully above the guitar. The song is quirky, original and one that stands head and shoulders above the so called pop music that dominates the charts.

Roxanne has recorded her debut album with Gordon Raphael (The Strokes / Regina Spector) taking charge of production duties. The combination of Roxanne’s unique song writing talent and Gordon Raphael’s production mean this is an album that we can wait for with a great deal of anticipation and excitement.

‘Red and White Blood Cells’ is available now as a free download below.

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