Stefan Melbourne
Before the Sun Sets

Released: 14th May 2012
Label: Stefan Melbourne

‘Before The Sun Sets’ is the debut EP from Manchester based singer/songwriter Stefan Melbourne. Stefan is an artist that once listened to you will never forget, he writes songs that are timeless and quite simply beautiful.

‘A Place To Hide’ opens the EP, a soft acoustic led number that makes the world seem very quiet and peaceful. This is a song that you could listen on repeat and your attention will never wane. The lyrics are thoughtful “Under the footsteps on these guttered streets we’ll lie / we’ll watch the passers by drift into their daydreams”. ‘How Long Is Always’ continues to take control of the listener with the gentle acoustic guitar and perfect vocal style.

‘One Last Time’ has a slightly more upbeat feel than the opening two songs, proving that Stefan has the ability to write songs that will get the audience singing along. Title song ‘Before The Sun Sets’ brings the curtain down on the EP with yet more enchanting acoustic sounds, soothing vocals and the added bonus of backing vocals from Chloe Leavers.

‘Before The Sun Sets’ is quite simply a collection of wonderful songs.

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