Theatre Royal
The Story of My Life

Released: 25th June 2012
Label: Preservation Society

‘The Story Of My Life’ is the first single to be taken from the second album by Theatre Royal. If this single is a taster of things to come from the album then we are in for something very special indeed.

‘The Story Of My Life’ is a perfectly put together single, three minutes of harmonies, hooks and melodies that makes this song an instant hit. This is a track that you will listen to over and over again and never tire of. The song contains reflective lyrics that many of will be able to relate to “Looking back on what we’ve done, ever since chapter 1, did we all have fun, where did it all go wrong”.

As far as singles go ‘The Story Of My Life’ is everything and more you could wish for, this is a track that is sure to feature on many peoples summer playlists.

Steve Tay

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