Tom Williamsd AndTthe Boat
Little Bit In Me

Released: 17th Seotember 2012
Label: WBR/Moshi Moshi

‘Little Bit In Me’ is the new single from Tom Williams and The Boat, a band that I have fallen in love with over the last twelve months. Their performance at this years Greenman festival was faultless and the time will soon arrive when Tom Williams and The Boat are playing their music on the big stage.

‘Little Bit In Me’ is played and sung with belief and passion throughout. The melodies instantly draw you into the song. The vocals are delivered in that classic story telling way that will have you hanging on every word that Tom sings. The song contains an infectious chorus that will have you singing along at the top of your voice. Radio stations need to give this track the airplay it deserves.

If you are new to Tom Williams and The Boat he has two albums available ‘Two Slow’ and ‘Teenage Blood’, both of which would be a welcome addition to anyone’s record collection.

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