Winter Villains
The Air

Released: 4th February 2013
Label: Barely Regal Records

Listening to the new single ‘The Air’ from Cardiff based band Winter Villains I am left lost for words (which is not a good thing when it comes to writing a review). ‘The Air’ is one of those songs that will quite simply take your breath away and leave you stunned with amazement.

‘The Air’ is sparse and intimate, whilst at the same time having so much depth and meaning, this is a song that will instantly wrap itself tightly over your entire body and never let you go. The song has been perfectly crafted by talented musicians ensuring that you will be captivated from beginning to end.

‘The Air’ has left me feeling like a child at Christmas as I wait with anticipation and excitement to hear the debut album from Winter Villains.

Steve Tay

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