Young Kato
Drink Dance Play

Released: 4th June 2012
Label: LAB Records

‘Drink Dance Play’ is the debut single from Bristol band Young Kato, a band with an average age of 18 and one hell of an exciting future ahead for them.

‘Drink Dance Play’ contains synths, powerful guitar chords, confident uplifting vocals and harmonies that all combine to create a sound that needs to be played as loud as possible. This is a track that is just waiting to be unleashed on festival crowds.

Young Kato have delivered one almighty debut single full of confidence and belief that puts them head and shoulders above the crowd.

Also, as a nice bonus, the band are offering their track 'Lights' as a free download. Grab your copy here.

Steve Tay

The Spins
Never Let It Go

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Head Over Heals

Released: 25th June 2012

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